Trackdroid - track your Android device--


What are the features of this application?
Phone tracking, using GPS and network data, requiring no user interaction on the mobile.
Logging of all geographical data (position, altitude, speed etc.) on the web and by text messages.
Activation by SMS: send a particular text to the phone and receive position and street address.
Location and path viewing on a map; exporting in KML format.
Internal storage of up to 100 locations, used if there is no service or internet access to send the data to our servers.

How do I turn off tracking?
In your settings, turn off both web and sms logging. This way the application will just check our servers every refresh minutes, so if you enable logging again it can start tracking.

How does the app impact battery life?
The application is sleeping most of the time so it doesn't use much battery, however here are some tips to preserve battery life: Enable tracking just when you need it.
You don't need to manually turn on network or gps location. The app will do that for you, then will take back the options to the previous state after a quick scan.
Increase refresh time.

How can I receive updates by text messages?
You can get periodic updates by enabling SMS logging. You can also get a quick update (even if logging is disabled) by sending an SMS message to the phone. The text must be "trackdroid password" (without quotes), where password is your password.

Why do you ask me for an email address?
To reset a forgotten password and to notify you about important news and updates.

What about privacy?
Your data are securely stored on our servers. We don't sell or share any information. You can permanently delete all your recorded locations any time you want.

Will the application work if my phone is turned off?
No, but it will start automatically the next time the phone is powered on.

GPS Auto-enable
Starting with Android 1.5, user applications cannot auto-enable GPS or network location. You could leave them enabled, so the application would be able to get the current location of the device; the alternative is installing LocService as a system application. You need a rooted device and you have to move org.ajeje.locservice15.apk from /data/app to /system/app

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